Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Dry To Very Dry Skin 236Ml

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CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin (236ml) is a hydrating powerhouse designed to provide relief for dry and parched skin, offering a multitude of benefits.


  1. Intense Hydration: Formulated with essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid, it targets dryness, providing long-lasting and deep hydration.

  2. Barrier Support: The inclusion of ceramides reinforces the skin's natural barrier, preventing moisture loss and maintaining skin health.

  3. Non-Greasy Formula: Suitable for dry to very dry skin, the non-greasy texture ensures comfortable and effective moisturization.


  • Intense Hydration
  • Ceramide-Enriched Barrier Support
  • Non-Greasy Formula

Key Ingredients:

  • Ceramides
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Suitable for Skin Type:
Dry to Very Dry Skin .

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion is good for  potent hydration and barrier-supporting properties and reasonably priced in Pakistan. If you're dealing with persistent dryness, this lotion offers a non-greasy solution that deeply nourishes and restores your skin's moisture balance. With the inclusion of essential ceramides, it helps fortify your skin's protective barrier, ensuring lasting comfort and relief for dry to very dry skin.

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Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Dry To Very Dry Skin 236Ml
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